Kalendarz bonusów i eventów
Event Data
Paintball środa i sobota, 12:00 i 19:00
Dementor poniedziałek i czwartek, 12:00 i 19:00
Snake wtorek i piątek, 12:00 i 19:00
Dungeon niedziela, 19:00

Data Bonus
2024-02 Supplements give power
2024-01 Wanderers are richer
2023-12 More opponents
2023-11 Vaccines are cool
2023-10 Help don't hurt
2023-09 Super Rookstayer
2023-08 Smaller can more
2023-07 Lucky beggar
2023-06 Wanderers are richer
2023-05 Supplements give power
2023-04 Help don't hurt
2023-03 Time for travel
2023-02 More opponents
2023-01 Talented
2022-12 Wanderers are richer
2022-09 Smaller can more
2022-08 Supplements give power
2022-07 Super Rookstayer
2022-06 Lucky beggar
2022-05 Vaccines are cool
2022-04 Help don't hurt
2022-02 Talented
2022-01 Wanderers are richer
2021-12 Time for travel
2021-11 More opponents
2021-10 Smaller can more
2021-09 Help don't hurt
2021-08 Supplements give power
2021-07 Lucky beggar
2021-06 Super Rookstayer
2021-05 Wanderers are richer
2021-04 More opponents
2021-03 Vaccines are cool
2021-02 Talented
2021-01 Smaller can more
2020-12 Time for travel
2020-11 Super Rookstayer
2020-10 Help don't hurt
2020-09 More opponents
2020-08 Wanderers are richer
2020-07 Smaller can more
2020-06 Supplements give power
2020-05 Talented
2020-04 Lucky beggar
2020-03 Super Rookstayer
2020-02 Wanderers are richer
2020-01 Help don't hurt
2019-12 Smaller can more
2019-11 Supplements give power
2019-10 More opponents
2019-09 Vaccines are cool
Smaller can more

Smaller can more - it is a bonus that increases the experience of all monsters, giving the greatest bonus to the weakest monsters, and the least to the strongest. Experience has been increased according to the following formula:

  • multiplier = ((-3 * old_experience) / 16000) + 1.4
  • new experience = old_experience * multiplier

How easy it is to count monsters like Rat or Bug will get a multiplier around 1.4x, and Black Knight 1.1x.

Wanderers are richer

Wanderers are richer - is a bonus that increases prices for traveling traders - Rashid and Yasir. The purchase prices of all items have been tripled by the end of the month!

Note - as a special bonus, Giant Spiders have been added to the cocoons on Fixera that store the Spiders, Poison Spiders and Tarantulas with the little chance of occurrence.

Supplements give power

Supplements give power - this bonus increases the strength of all health and mana potions 1.5 times.

In order to feel their strength on the exp even better, the maximum capacity of the character has been increased by 400 so that you can take even more suplements with you!

Super Rookstayer

Super Rookstayer - is a bonus that boosts HP and MP regeneration. Instead of the current 3 HP and 4 MP every 6 seconds, the same regeneration will be every 4 seconds.

Additionally, to encourage exp in teams, the bonus of experience in the party will be increased to +30%.

More opponents

More opponents - this bonus increases the respawn of all monsters. For example, if a dwarf appears after 60 seconds, the waiting time for respawns will be 45 seconds by the end of the month.

In addition, the maximum daily amount of a single boss during the raid has been doubled. This means that if, for example, Munster could appear up to 2 times a day, there is now a chance that it will appear 4 times a day.

Help don't hurt

Help don't hurt - this bonus increases the value of prizes in exchange for performing Volvig's tasks. Tasks relying on killing a certain number of monsters is rewarded with an additional 20% more experience, while those in which items are given the player gets 15% more gp and 20% more experience needed for the next level (it is still based on the amount of reputation for a given task).

Time for travel

Time for travel - this bonus increases walking speed by 20%. In addition, captains of all boats will not charge for their services and will not require premium account status in the case of travel to Glacius.


Talented - this bonus increases the growth of all basic skills. Fist, Club, Sword, Axe, Distance Fighting, Shielding and Fishing will grow 30% faster on the Fixera and 20% faster on Xyla.

Vaccines are cool

Vaccines are cool - this bonus increases positive effects by 10%, and decreases those negative by 20%.

  • Positive effects include:
  • healing with spells and potions
  • higher movement speed with BoH or spell
  • Negative effects include:
  • damage from drowning, fire, energy, poison and other elements
  • physical and magical damage from monsters or players

Note - during a fight between players, where one side deals damage and the other receives it, only the formula that reduces damage by 20% applies.

Lucky beggar

Lucky beggar - this is a bonus similar to "Smaller can more" - it increases the chance of a drop for all monsters giving the biggest bonus for the rarest items, and the smallest for the most common. The chance was increased according to the following formula:

  • multiplier = ((-5 * previous chance) / 1,000,000) + 1.6
  • new chance = previous chance * multiplier

For example:

  • if Dagger from the Amazon had a chance of 80.27% with a bonus this chance is 96.215%, or ~1.2 times more
  • if Health Potion from Dwarf Guard had a 0.41% chance with a bonus this chance is 0.655%, or ~1.6 times more

For all values increased by a bonus, the global server multiplier 2x applies.

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